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What I have been tweeting about this week: Dan’s Friday distract-a-thon

By on Nov 8, 2013 in Blog, General

What a week it’s been in the heady world of Social, too many distractions to mention! Here is a brief round up of the interesting things I have located on the Interwebs this week.   #FallingDown: Tesco Mobile just can’t take it anymore: #WasteTime: This will consume your free time like a ravenous beast: #ColourPast: The past seems a lot closer when you it’s in colour:   And some Videos: Morgan Freeman and the Fox: Oh and Virgin America have a music video (it’s a catchy sign of the...

Some websites I have designed

By on Nov 7, 2013 in Web

Facebook Graph Search is rolling out to UK users

By on Nov 6, 2013 in General

Is it the moment you have all been waiting for? Or the one you have all been dreading? Like it or not Facebook Graph Search is rolling out  to the UK masses. Announced in January the US has been the testing ground for this for some time. Updates to the look of Facebook are always polarising, and I whole heartedly predict there will be literally thousands of protest groups formed along the lines of ‘switch Facebook back to the way it was’. We’ve seen it all before, Graph Search is here to stay! (Quick Tip: If you don’t have it yet, change your language settings to English – US, and you will be able to give it a whirl) So what does this mean for the average user and how does it effect Social from a business perspective? Well we’re going to see a few changes, the first being cosmetic: From this:   To this:   So other than a cosmetic change...

Tagging in LinkedIn Status Updates

By on Nov 5, 2013 in Blog, Customer Service

Just a quick update – I had no idea that you could tag people in LinkedIn status updates! It’s as simple a popping an ‘@’ in front of the name you want to tag (either person or company) and they will be linked up accordingly! This can be really useful if you want to give a hat tip to someone, or make contact with them. More details can be found in LinkedIn’s post here:

Everything you need to know about Facebook Global Brand Pages but are tired of asking.

By on Nov 4, 2013 in Blog, Marketing, Social

Since they were announced last year, it seems that Facebook have gone a little quiet on the Global Brand Page front, though I know a few brands who are jumping on board, and it can be an extremely useful tool if you’re an international brand speaking to a global audience. What in hot heck is a Facebook Global Brand page Basically: If you’re a global brand – or a company with more than one international Facebook page, this could be of great use to you. Read what Facebook has to say about them here. Here is a brief case study from personal experience: If you are an US company like LivingSocial (my old employers) when you started out, you have one Facebook page with lots of people all over the world ‘liking’ it. This is fantastic in the early days when your based in one country, but can become problematic as you grow.   When you start to extend your...

Video: Social Media for Business Hangout

By on Aug 21, 2013 in Blog, Marketing, Social

Video: Social Media for Business Hangout

Twitter for Sales People: Top Tips

By on Aug 20, 2013 in Blog, Marketing, Social

There are many easy things to do in life: eating a sandwich, walking in the park  or ascertaining bear’s toilet preferences – explaining Twitter for sales people and about how they should use it, over a conference call is not one of them.  Having attempted this today, I can liken it to unicycling upside down on a tightrope – and remembering mid cycle that you have vertigo, in terms of difficulty, so I have taken it upon myself to attempt to recreate / elaborate on what I was talking about – I also realised that this might be of interest to others, either sales people or businesses, or even the humble social media manager looking for some easy tips to pass on. There is no great mystery and no shortcut to doing Twitter properly. The modern sales force must adapt: saying I don’t get Twitter really doesn’t cut the mustard anymore. Heads up – it...

Modern Marketing Manifesto – The future?

By on Jul 23, 2013 in Blog, Customer Service, Digital, Marketing, Social

I have recently come across this on Econsultancy, its a manifesto demonstraing modern marketing concepts – You can find the full details and sign up to the manifesto here: I have reproduced it here because I believe it’s really important to change the way we perceive marketing and the way it works within business – this matters from huge corporations to the smallest ‘mom and pop’ organisation. As the manifesto says, the world has changed – as has how we do business. We are past the point of scrabbling to keep up – we need to fix our sights on the future, and embrace these developments. There are going to be problems along the way. It can be very difficult to persuade organisations to evolve – especially when established ways of doing things have worked for...